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Latin America

Learning Spanish in Spain or Latin America

Linguaschools is a network of Spanish language schools offering a full language immersion. Our schools are small to medium sized. We find it important to be able to give personal attention to our students. To learn more about the different schools, you can read all about our courses, accommodation, examples of activities and prices on our website.

We have Spanish schools in 7 different cities in Spain: San Sebastian, Salamanca, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Granada, and Malaga. And another 6 Spanish schools in Latin America: Guanajuato (Mexico), Tamarindo (Costa Rica), Montañita (Ecuador), Cusco (Peru), Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).You will experience the language, life and culture of the country staying at a host family or enjoying one of the many activities our schools offer. Optional, we offer 'Spanish and fun' specials such as the Spanish and flamenco program in Granada, Spanish and surf in San Sebastian or Spanish and surf in Costa Rica.

Our Spanish courses run from 1 week upto a whole year, always running from Monday to Friday. If you have some previous knowledge of Spanish you can start any Monday of the year (please mind for absolute beginners there might be fixed start dates, depending on the school).

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