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Learn Spanish courses in Spain
You can choose the Spanish course which matches your personal preferences. We offer you the following courses:

> Learn Spanish - intensive 20 hours per week
In this course you have 4 hours of class every day from Monday to Tuesday. Besides learning Spanish, you will also receive Spanish culture classes. Due to the small size of the groups, the teacher has sufficient time for personal support. Classes are normally in the morning, but in summer this might change and you could have the morning off and classes in the afternoon.

> Learn Spanish - intensive 20 hours per week + 5 individual hours
This course is like the intensive 20, 4 hours in a group a day from Monday to Friday, but here you get 1 extra hour of individual classes a day. It's up to you what the subject of the individual hour is. For instance, you can choose to do Business Spanish or Spanish for tourism purposes. You can also choose to dig a bit deeper into grammar or work on your fluency. We advice you to take this course if your availability is limited and you want to learn Spanish quickly.

> Learn Spanish - DELE preparation course
In the D.E.L.E. examination course you are prepared for the Instituto Cervantes official D.E.L.E. exam. At the end of the course you will write the exam and if you pass, you will be handed the only internationally recognized Spanish language certificate.

> Learn Spanish - one-to-one course
For even more intensive classes we advise you to take the one-to-one course. Besides taking individual classes you can also extend your intensive 20 plus 5 to an intensive 20 plus 10 or opt for a course with 2 students and one teacher, a so called one-to-two. This is only possible with an equal number of hours from Monday to Friday. The price depends on your personal preferences. Please contact us for a quote on your personal customized course programme.

> Learn Spanish - customized Spanish course
Do you have a certain idea of a course or combination of courses you want to take, please contact us and we can see what options are available.